Mentoring – Fine Tuning

Task List:

  • Block of 15-20 minutes away from distractions and complete the following.
    • Consider your daily habits. Is there a food or drink Item that you consider your “weakness”? Is there time throughout the week when you eat bad things that you never planned on having? “I eat good most of the time but, I HAVE TO HAVE my Margaritas after work.” Maybe this is a candy bar for you. Maybe it’s bread or “carby” foods at breakfast. Maybe it is just a momentary-but regular lapse in discipline.
    • Brainstorm and think about what happens for the 8 hours preceding that “weakness” food/drink. Does anything stand out that you think could be connected to it? (think stressors, long spans without food, dehydration, kids in the car for 30 minutes telling you they want chicken nuggets…so you get them chicken nuggets…and just a few for you.
    • Now do the Same for the next 4 hours AFTER you have that “weakness food”
    • Write this down, don’t be shy or think something is “not important” we leave all kinds of clues in our habits that your mentor can connect to make “the big picture”.
  • Schedule your next mentor call here and discuss this assignment to co-develop a plan with your mentor to eliminate the need for this “weakness” food or “spontaneous cheat time” mentality. Don’t worry you can still have times dedicated to eating these types of foods, or allowing yourself to indulge. What we want to remove are the factors that cause you to do it unintentionally.



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