Model Three, Hopper? I Hardly Know Her!

Ever been to a retirement home bingo night? Let’s take three friends; a powerlifter, a marathon runner, and a CrossFitter to a sick and twisted bingo night where we replace all the ping pong balls in the hopper with physically demanding tests instead. It’s gonna be a party for those grannies and grandpas.

We pull three balls (tests) out of the hopper.

Test one is: Run a marathon. 

The marathon runner wins.

The CrossFitter loses.

The powerlifter is dead.

Test two is: Pick up a 100lb sandbag from the ground and shoulder it 25 times as fast as you can.

The powerlifter wins.

The CrossFitter loses.

The marathon runner can’t lift the bag.

Test three is: Seven minutes to do as many burpees as possible.

The CrossFitter wins.

The Marathon runner loses.

The Powerlifter has somehow died again.

In our “bingo from hell” night, only one friend never finishes last. The CrossFitter! 

The person with the most mastery over the ten general physical skills dominates in Satan’s bingo game and in demands that come with being alive. Why?

She has heart health from endurance training in our gym. She has muscle mass and bone density from lifting loads. She has excellent control of her body from practicing bodyweight and gymnastic movement.

Now, let’s replace physical tests with pathogens. I know where I’m putting my money. 

Let’s replace pathogens with chronic disease, or turning 85. I know where I’m putting my money. 

Do you know where to put your money? Do you understand why? 

Email me at [email protected] and I can show you. 

Check-in for the 4th and final model tomorrow to learn the fastest way to start training like the person I’d put my money on…and not in like, a “make it rain two-dollar bills” kinda way. 


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