Model Two: Getting Physical With Zombies.

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Model Two: Getting Physical With Zombies.

Eddie Hall holds the world record deadlift at 1200lb. That’s: 

  1. Insane.
  2. Really weak for a gorilla. 

The world record marathon is 26.2 miles in 2 hours. That’s a 4:40/mi… repeated 26 times. That’s:

  1. Insane to run.
  2. Suspiciously slow for an uber ride.

Both of these records are feats made by the top of our species. But by definition, they’re terrible tests of fitness. 

Because fitness asks us the question; “how fit are you to accomplish something?” and if there’s a lot of stuff out there for us to do (and there is), then it helps to be fit to do many things.

Becoming fit enough to accomplish only a few things (or even just one thing) really well, comes at the cost of sacrificing our fitness to do many other things. When you specialize, you pay the price by losing your ability to generalize.

Why you should care:

Because, when you want to get away from zombies, you want Eddie hall with you. They’ll catch him and eat for days while you skedaddle.

When you want to move heavy debris from the only crevice where one of you can hide, you want the marathon runner with you. He can’t move that debris like you can, and if he fights you over the spot, he’s probably got a sissy punch anyway.

But when you want someone to duct-tape magazines to your arms, slam some yerba-mate and start gut-punching and crane-kicking your way to freedom, you want the CrossFitter. Because you’ll probably need to hop fences. You may need to lift cars off potential brothers in arms who will look as goofy as you with magazines taped to their arms, and fight your way out. You’ll need to outlast the enemy. You’ll need to be one fit #goontroop.

Generally speaking, the specialists perish. 

The fittest person is the one with basic mastery of more skills because that person is more prepared to overcome what life throws at them. SO, If a world record isn’t on your bucket list. Then I encourage you to generalize and become proficient at many skills. Don’t aim for being a champion at 10% stuff and in consequence, suck at 90% of stuff because of it.

Aim to be in the top 10% at 90% of the stuff that life will demand from you anyway, whether you’re good or not.

There are ten general physical skills that you can train. 


Cardio-Respiratory Endurance




We get better at these through training. 






We develop these through practice.




We develop these through training and practice, over time.

Check out tomorrow’s content to see these skills put to the test in a retirement home.


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