Nutrition Client Profile: Michelle Milligan

From Little Rock to Denver, Nutrition Coaching Can Make a Difference.

Michelle Milligan
What led you to try nutrition mentoring?
I had been counting macros for about 8 months and wanted to get ABS!
What was your favorite part of the nutrition mentoring program? (video help, phone calls, accountability, guidance, etc)
Guidance on changes and getting through plateaus.
What’s your biggest accomplishment? In the past few weeks?
I reached my goal of having abs and am now in the last 8 weeks, trying to add lean mass. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I feel great and don’t seem to have gained back much fat.
What are you working on now?
Gainz, I would like to gain 5lbs of lean mass this year.
Is there something that you didn’t expect to learn or accomplish but did?
That my TDEE is much higher than I thought. I can eat A LOT of food and maintain weight. 16779727_10210807487215055_1629197674_nI also learned in the cut phase that eating less fat isn’t the best answer. Also, at my leanest, I did a professional photo shoot and was amazed at how it turned out. I have NEVER looked that good and didn’t expect those kind of results at 43. Diet is everything.


Michelle is a resident of Denver, CO and member of CrossFit Eminence. She is distance-coached by PN Nutritionist, Jeff Jucha


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From doing one sit-up. You have to get reps in. Over many months. Possibly years. And if you want to really see them, you’ll start


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