One Can Do Some, Many Can Do Much

I am a head judge for the Granite Games. (Athletes, I’m not sorry I no-repped you).

Each year over 2,000 athletes with fans in tow, make their way into St. Cloud, MN for 3 days of sweat, adrenaline, anxiety, record-breaking, and most important of all, memories with friends.

It’s a team effort. The town of St. Cloud is not by any means large. Hotels floors need to be reserved, streets need to be blocked off, St. Cloud State University is taken over, lakes are prepped for the buses of athletes and staff to perform a swim event, police and other local authorities are on call, the list goes on.

John Swanson is the #CEO of this weekend and often seen the face of the games. I like John, he is action-oriented and from what I can gather, a pretty stoic guy (but I try not to assume too much). John can do a lot of stuff, but without a team of 300+ volunteers, that machine does not move.

You’re not able to do everything, but through others, you can to do anything.


I often remark that the social aspect of fitness is just as important as the physical and mental aspects of it. I see it all everywhere. Not because it’s true for fitness, but because it’s true for human beings as a race.

Nutrition experts like Kristina Carpenter can solve a problem for you that could take months or years to figure out on your own.

Coaches pinpoint ways for you to learn a movement safely and keep you progressing forward from there. Then, how to apply it in everyday life.

Trainers at my gym sit down with you and listen.  They can see what parts of your lifestyle, habits, and behaviors are holding you back, and which ones are moving you closer to what you want. THEN they help you see the big picture and how small actions create big changes when you have structure and the support of others like us.

Others help us move the things that we either can’t or don’t quite know how to move on our own. Who is on your team?


Some Bullshit.

After twelve years of owning a business, I have a confession to make. This sign hung to the right of my front door for years.

Get Pissed.

You need to get frustrated.  You NEED to feel like you have no clue what you’re doing and not run away from those moments. Something

There are no Silver Bullets.

There are no Silver Bullets. Only Golden BBS. What I mean is that people hire trainers because they want their problems solved. They want a


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