One Easy Way to Reduces Stress

You can have a million dollars (which isn’t a lot anymore) in the bank.
You can have a house in the Hamptons.
But if you feel stressed and worn down, your life is stressed and worn down.

We can’t instantly fix some of the things that stress us out. Like our job, kids, finances, relationships, North Korea, etc.

But we can take care of the resource that is us.

The first line of defense against stress, anxiety, and depression is eating well and exercising regularly.

And it’s free…well, mostly.

Anyone can do it.

I just had a member in her 60’s deadlift 205 in class yesterday. The weight isn’t important. The smile she had on her face after it is.

You can’t be stressed in that moment of accomplishment, surprise, and victory.

Now imagine lots of moments just like that. Every week you stack more and more of them on top of each other.

We call them “Bright Spots” and every Friday we post them in our facebook group to share those moments with others. If having the moment felt good, think about how good it feels to share it.

You may not have a thousand dollars in the bank.
You may be in a house or an apartment two sizes too small.
But if you feel accomplished and happy. Your life is following suit. And if you’re posting those moments in our group. You’re sharing it to inspire others to follow suit.


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