OUR Code of Conduct.


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any of you already know this, but CrossFit facilities generally pride themselves in having a no-nonsense, fun atmosphere. We love great workouts, great people, and great results. We are all about benefits for our members and not features that do them no good such as flatscreen T.Vs or eight versions of the same “exercise machine”. We want you to have a blast at our place, but there are some rules to follow so here they are.


Code of Conduct

  • Dropping of the weights, grunting, and being loud in joy of a new accomplishment is  encouraged.

Why not drop the weights? Those things are heavy dammit. You SHOULD be excited about performing your first overhead squat with 65 lbs, or  setting a new personal record for your fastest Fran time.
  • When it comes to workout attire “Less-Is-More”

Welcome to CrossFit why on earth did your wear so much clothing? Your gonna sweat…A lot.”
Its true, most CF locations do not use Air Conditioning. We find that its an unnecessary luxury and just another barrier keeping you from a great workout. “But thats uncomfortable and I hear it can be dangerous” It really isn”t, your body will adapt and normalize itself to warmer conditions, plus the results you get doing CrossFit are incredible with or with Casinot har idag over 500 casino spel och framforallt ar det utbudet av slots som imponerar. out 68F weather… Just ask the millions in commercial gyms who”s results stall how that AC thing is working out…
  • Clean up after yourself.

This one is a no brainer, I don”t like tripping on a kettle bell  at 5:30 am in a dark gym, that is not the best part of waking up. I thinks its something to do with Folgers…
  • Powerlifting and Chalk is allowed

In Fact, we provide both.
  • Yelling is encouraged

Not really because we lifted something heavy and feel that the world needs to know, but because thats the only way to get a message across to a member who is pushing past their limits and doing more burpees that they ever imagined they could do. “A lot of our members get hormone highs while they are working out with us, yelling is the only way to get their attention sometimes.”
Always and forever,
WLR CrossFit


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