Pick a Star. Chase the Damn Thing.

Pick an aim. Don’t pick something that’d be nice. Pick something worth failing over, because that’s what you’re going to do…a lot.

If you’ve had a goal come up more than a few times, you’re probably on the right track, but it just needs cleaning up. This is my best advice for you.

“Make your aim something you’ll fight for.”

Because you will not fight to be lean or have a beach-body, I guarantee it. But I bet your last dollar that you would fight to feel in control of your life or make your kids proud of you, and if losing weight and taking better care of yourself is how you do that, then you’ve got a star.

I wouldn’t fight someone to have a six-pack, but if you tell my kid I’m a deadbeat dad, then put up your fisticuffs, I do believe I’ll fill this whole street with uppercut.

Then, give my son a tennis-ball, cause he’s a dog. 

I joke (not really), but your aim needs to be compelling in that way. It’s the reason beneath your reasons for change. That’s the aim.

As humans, we share this principle all the time in our stories. “Follow a star to a king no-one will acknowledge.” Jiminy Cricket sang about the importance of having a star in Pinocchio. The stars are guidance for navigators of the world. Why? Because following a star takes you somewhere away from here.

If you don’t have access to that star in you yet, chase improvement. Chase the act of building strength in as many facets that you can see directly affecting you.

Improved performance is both a star to aim for and the sign that you’ve been contending well with the world around you.

So chase performance, because chasing something means you’ve chosen a star and following that star is how you get away from the place that was causing you to suffer.

Put it into action:

  • Take a sticky-note pad. Write down your aim every morning after you brush your teeth. Repetition is the mother of mastery.

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