Really Small Rocks

Really small rocks don’t float. 

We seem to forget too often that a rock is what it is, something that doesn’t float, no matter how small.

We don’t look at the empire state building and think “tiny rivets hold that together.” We see a needle touch the sky, not the thousands of hammer swings of a man working for his dinner. We see the pyramids, not the rocks that make them. We see finished products when we look outward.

But then, like the breathing, double standards we are, we don’t know how to look in. In the mirror, we see countless small flaws instead of the man. We see all of the times we hit “reset” instead of the whole woman. We see the lines that divide our building blocks and not the work of art they come together to make.

A transformation isn’t finished after one small win by cleaning your home or preparing lunches for the week. Conversely, an entire day isn’t shot because you forgot to clean up or prep your lunches. If you walk into an art museum only looking at brushstrokes, you’ll never see a painting.

So please, see your failings, but not only the failings. 

Zoom out and consider that tired swings made the largest building in the world, and the pyramids and mountains are made of much smaller rocks, not destroyed by them. See that the brushstrokes make the Van Goh, and 

he was a crazy-ass. 

If Van Goh can make a masterpiece, The tiny wins and losses in your life can build you if you see them for what they are, rocks, regardless of their size. Your small accomplishments can color your life, your mistakes can add texture.

You’re a paint-brush in a way.

**I couldn’t decide if I wanted this to be a Monty Python post or a Dangerous Summer Post. So you get both.

You’re Welcome.


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