Reason Five (of Twelve) Why You Can’t Stay In Shape.

#5 You’re ALL-In or ALL-OUT.

When I help a client lose 20 lbs or improve their body composition, it’s not because we stuck to a strict plan.

I don’t use a black or white, all-in, or all-out approach. Because when you’re on a streak of eating healthy, it feels terrible to break it. Then you feel terrible, and feeling terrible is part of why you started to treat yourself better in the first place, so don’t do that. 

I say. ” Okay, you’re here now. If we could improve your eating by 10% this month, you’ll be seeing these changes by next month. Would you like to start there, or would you like a little more?”

And then we decide how much they want to change right now. 


It. Works. Wonders. 

Think in percentages. “If I can reduce the:

  • Refinement in my diet by 50%
  • Alcohol I drink by 30%
  • Ambien-amazon shopping by 65%”

You’ll see improvements that return more than the percentage you invested.

Working out two days per week instead of one is a 100% improvement in just one week and only costs 1% of the hours in your week that you spend awake.

If you want long-term gains, a consistent, conservative investment beats bouncing around from 100% and 0% any day of the week. 


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