Scaling Stops The Miss

“Scale” rhymes with “fail.”

But they’re not the same thing.

Scale means by volume.

Fail means a lot of things to a lot of people. But, it mostly means to miss.

Scaling stops the miss.

If you can’t hit the target from a mile out with windy conditions, move closer to the target before you shoot. When you hit it with ease, back up until it’s challenging repeat bulls eyes.

Scaling stops the miss.

If you can’t lift the bar over your head yet, try dumbbells. Try a PVC pipe. They’ll be hard if you can’t lift the bar, just like lifting the bar will be hard for someone who can’t lift 100lbs, just like 100lbs will be hard for someone who can’t lift 150lbs.

Scaling is how you train.

Scaling is the secret sauce to progressing over time.

Because you can go up from wherever you scale from. But without scaling, you can only make it or miss.

Scaling stops the miss.

Scaling is being just far enough away from the target to make it challenging, exciting, and worth doing.


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