Screw River

What if I asked you tomorrow to show me your meticulously written plan for success?

You’d probably look at me and say, “what are you nuts?”

Success is doing what the failures don’t do. 

What did I not do when I was stuck mentally, economically, physically, and romantically? Two big things:

I wasn’t deciding with deep conviction what I deserved.

And I wasn’t writing down what I would do about it.

I was staying mentally lazy. That led me to be lazy in real life. Some call that going with the flow.

But listen. 

Going with the flow is code for not doing anything. 

Maybe that isn’t a bad thing if you’re a control freak. But, for most of us working on gaining more control, it isn’t good.

You can float down the river, but a river won’t take you anywhere you want to go. It takes you wherever it’s going, regardless of your dreams.


Screw that River.

Get out and pick a direction and start walking. If someone asks you where you’re going, you can point north or south or whatever and tell them with certainty. “That way!”

And you may not control everything. You may not see what obstacles are in the way. But you’ll know exactly where you’re going.

Write a plan. Keep it short and simple. 

Even if it’s just deciding where you’re going, getting out of the river, and walking that way. 

I’ll see you there.


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