Show Up, Own Your Day.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Nothing you can do today is going to give you a six-pack tomorrow.
Nothing you can do today is even going to burn 1lb of fat off your body by tomorrow.

But, one meal or workout can make all the difference?


It’s the same as Rome.

Day in and day out, you build a little more. Brick by brick.

The body we want is built each time we track a meal. It’s built each time we attend a workout.

Rome underwent policy changes, construction delays, riots and natural disasters.

Rome was still built.

Even if we fell off the train for a couple weeks, we will still be built.

The best way to make sure you’re building yourself over time?

1) Show up.
Whether you worked out yesterday or a month ago, show up tomorrow. Not only does it get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. You’ll feel better than when you walked in. You deserve that.

2) Own your day.
Control the variables that tend to derail you.
Nutrition is the number 1 factor that determines if I will workout. If I miss meals or eat crummy food, I feel generally unhealthy and I will not feel enthusiastic about working out.

So I make 4 of my 6 meals the EXACT SAME THING every day.
Breakfast: 1/2 Dave’s Killer Bread Bagel + 2tbsp peanut butter and1 scoop Driven Whey Protein in my Coffee.
AM Snack: RX Bar – Peanut Butter Flavor
Post Workout Shake: 2 Scoops of Driven Post Wod in water
PM Snack: RX Bar – Blueberry Flavor

I own a gym and I literally struggle to workout some days. Controlling the variable of nutrition makes me WANT to workout. It’s almost like a waste of new-found energy if I don’t.


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