Slaying the Screen Dragon.

I was mindlessly scrolling social media until I realized how much time could be spent giving to my friends, family, and business. I picked up the phone to feel good but would put it down 20 minutes later, feeling worse.

I wrote a few paragraphs on what I felt I was missing when I disappeared into my phone. And it was a kick in the nads, man.

For a few brief moments, I FELT what a future would look like where I would keep mindlessly scrolling when I knew I could do more in the real world. I couldn’t think of ONE meaningful moment that came from my phone. My most potent memories came from people and experiences.

Then I could stop chasing feel-good hormones from social media and apps. I remember I originally built my confidence and self-esteem on becoming smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous.

And I felt so magnetized to that feeling that I would think of it anytime I picked up the phone out of boredom. “What am I doing? How can I be bored when there’s so much to learn and grow into?

I bought a VPN app that blocks social and other apps/sites 7 am-7 pm every day on my phone.

I flew out to Vegas for a few hours on a whim to see a friend on his birthday.

I auditioned for a major theatre production without actor training and made friends during an experience I’ll never forget.

I taught a little girl how to handstand walk in the AutoZone parking lot while her parents argued cruelly with each other.

I became more present, helpful, and proud without the red bubble of praise on my phone.

What are you missing by doing {THIS} whatever {this} is for you?

What could I be doing instead that feels so amazing to think of?


So, You’re Stuck.

I’ve listened to a few thousand people bullsh*t me about their “goals.” (more on that tomorrow) Me: Why do you want to do this program?

Warning: Intense.

If you looked back on this post a month from now, would you be glad you took it to heart? OR would you once again


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