Some Bullshit.

After twelve years of owning a business, I have a confession to make.

This sign hung to the right of my front door for years. It was complete bullsh*t.

The reality? My ego almost killed WLRCF for everyone.

I refused to look at the numbers that mattered at my gym.

How many consults did we do? How long do people stay? 1-10 how happy are they with their results? I couldn’t tell you. I could tell you we had a “ton of people” and how many muscle-ups I could do, but I wouldn’t face things that made me feel inept.

Like the proverbial ostrich, I dug my freakishly long neck into the sand so numbers couldn’t hurt me. The “sand” was being fit, having abs, and martyring myself financially to keep up appearances and for “the cause.”

None of that will save a business.

What will? Looking at your numbers Every. F*cking. Thursday.

That’s what my professional business coach told me to do.

Every. F*cking. Thursday. I died.

I dreaded every Every. F*cking Thursday because looking meant I had to face the truth. I had to have hard conversations with myself about how I was shortening the lifespan of my business every week.

It sucked. It was sobering.

But it was the cure because when I tracked my numbers, my business transformed.

Chaos became stability Every. F*cking. Thursday. Stability became growth Every. F*cking. Thursday.
Growth became sustainable profit…You get it.

It’s no different with your fitness.

You’ll lose the picture if you don’t track the food going in and the performance coming out of your body. The details become fuzzy, and fuzzy is a place people stay to remain comfortable.

Fuzzy is where you never change because you never need to. Because you refuse to look. It’s padding the ego, so it’s. “okay to suck.”

Fuzzy is not getting that weird mole looked at until it’s too late.

Fuzzy is taking Ozempic shots without figuring out how to never get to a point where you want Ozempic again.

Fuzzy is where most of America lives.

And I do not want to live that way.

I don’t think you want to live that way.

I think you, like me, lost hope after getting screwed over the third time by well-marketed wastes of time. You know, the solutions that didn’t require a good-hard-long look in the mirror.

Just keep your HR in this zone, and it’ll all be fine.

Just take these supplements, and it’ll all be fine.

Just do anything but look at the truth and ask to be held accountable.

That will keep you spending.

That will keep you living in the fuzzy zipcode.

And big pharma, big diet, big supplements will never have to worry about you.

Fuzzy brings people in my door, where a big sign about ego hangs to the left.

But nobody is allowed to be “fuzzy” when they walk out.

Don’t come in unless you’re ready to leave, changed.


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