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Our Nutrition program is designed to provide the education, direction, and motivation to start participants towards achieving health goals as well as the professional support to help guide them on that path to reach health goals and positive outcomes.


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Program Goals 

Our goal is to remove the less desirable elements from your daily diet and to get a solid understanding of nutrition, portions, and habits that are conducive to achieving the goals of increased and sustainable health.  We want you to see how your work performance, your health, your general sense of well being and your body composition reacts to eating what nature intended for you to eat, at the right amounts and in the right proportions . To some extent, we’ll be following the tenets of our natural healthy diet, but we’re not going to give this a name, because ‘diets’ have and end point: you’re either on a diet, or off a diet and that is NOT what we are in for here. You should not have a religious attachment to a Diet, we simply help you find out what supports your work and recovery and does not support illness or the accumulation of body fat.

Program Basics

Our program is designed to be as simple as it is effective. We educate participants and help them set goals based on initial assessments and 3 day food records.  We review the info and then get with participants to set a goal.  We make sure it is a smart goal.


Specific – Be specific and focused

Measurable – Can it be measured? If not, there’s no way to know if you’ve reached it.
Attainable – Choose something that is within reach. Otherwise, you may demotivate yourself
Relevant – Choose something worthwhile, and appropriate for your needs right now.
Timely – Set a time-frame for your goal, so that you stay on track. Is it short-term? Long-term? (this would be the length of the program)

The goal needs to be recorded and then reviewed weekly.  This is where our weekly professional guidance  comes in. We review the goal with you weekly.. we help you pinpoint what you did that week that brought you closer to your goal or hindered you in meeting that goal. Over time, we want to add and emphasize empowering factors and remove hindering factors on a do-able basis.  We Help participants see their discrepencies (in comparing to their big goal).. help them realize obstacles and help them be prepared to overcome them.  At this point they can set small goals to help them focus on their bigger goal.

The achievement of that goal is done through changing habits, nutrition, and lifestyles.  This can seem like a daunting challenge to many up-front. So we have engineered a new way of delivering results without the burden of tracking and planning for participants.

We offer points for different weekly assignments given to participants. An example week would look like this:points

Attend this months speech on macro-nutrients -3 points

Record your food intake and request an electronic review by a wellness coach -1 point per day

Eat foods contained on the “good list” for 80% of the week -5 points

Post a link to healthy recipe or motivational read for other participants on our interactive forum – 1 point per post/ day  or week

Participants want aim for  as may points as possible over the course over the program. The more points accumulated are directly related to the health and goal outcomes in the program.

*  individual assignments can also be given  to better serve specific goals.

Participants will have access to excel files as well as paper versions of our checklist for that week. At the weekly visits, we collect these via paper or electronically and tally up the points. The main idea here is, if you continue to get your weekly goal of points, you are making progress towards your health goal. (We also use other measurement tools such as blood pressure and weight).

*Our program delivery can always be custom-tailored to match any other health program at your facility such as a fit bit, or health kiosk.

Program Logistics

Thanks to the advancements of modern-day technology and communication, participants can take this program anywhere with them. We use our own special nutrition journal software  that allows participants to record their food intake, ask questions, track progress and be connected to a wellness coach who can critique, give valuable feedback and direction, as well as answer questions.. 24/7

This software can be accessed from any computer or tablet as well as our own app for smartphones.

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Optional Benefits:

Gym membership

We are providing a gym for them to work out at this is a huge benefit, but possibly scary for participants. No worries, our staff is made up of professionals who are also “people-people”. Participants will see many familiar faces and be aided by a professional coach to hep them personally in a program that is built to take sedentary people to moving, moving people to active, active people to healthy and so on.

Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements are a great way to bring employees together and offer valuable information and insights at no cost.

Class 1: Shifting conventional health paradigms-  (risk of chronic diseases.  how all are linked together and caused by diet and inactivity {besides genetics of course}. Using food as medicine.  Processed/package foods. Looking at nutrition labels. Q/A

Class 2: Macronutrients- myths and clarification.  How you should be eating. review carbs, pro and fats.  Use models show portions. Discuss what to buy, cost/time savings Q/A

Class 3: Applying to life for long term success.  Looking at food behaviors. 80/20- allow yourself to not be perfect. Q/A


One of our favorite outings to conduct is a grocery store tour. Thankfully, Kroger is conveniently located nest to SPP and would make a great place to start. We also do hikes, community events and fundraisers and dinners.

You’re Wellness Coaches,

Wellness Director
Jeff Jucha CPT, CF-L1, CF-L2
Licensed Nutritionist / Clinical Dietician
Brooke Chandler RDN/LDN


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