“State of the Box”


With new changes happening at the box, I wanted to fill everyone in on what we are doing to create an even better fitness program and encourage our great community to keep growing. Consider this our “State of the Box” address.

-First, thank you everyone. In my still-young but traveled life, I have never been surrounded  by so many caring and supportive human beings as I have been these past two and a half years.  People who have made this place amazing for me are the same people who have made it amazing for others and I cannot take half of the credit for West Little Rock CrossFit becoming a place that has changed lives, enriched souls, quenched the need for family and even  produced some major gainz in the process. WLRCF has been and will continue to be all about the people.

With that in mind, Im excited to announce some new additions to our family. We will be enjoying the continued passion of current coaches and some new faces in the box over the next few months.


Steven Nauman

Steven will be obtaining his CrossFit Level 1 on top of his already acquired USAW level 1. Steven has been a huge part of this community for not only WLRCF but the Little Rock area as one of the most encouraging people around. Im excited to see him further his education and his coaching career with us.













Roby Rhoads

Many of you have already been coached by Roby lately. He has been interning with us and will be taking on more classes over the next few months. Roby is knowledgable, experienced and overall a super-helpful guy. Welcome Roby!


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Roby is a former Marine and graduate of two police academies. He currently oversees police recruit training, including physical fitness and is a police K9 trainer.  Roby has a life-long passion for fitness and enjoys helping others reach and exceed their fitness goals.

Julie Duke

Julie will be joining the team as a CrossFit Coach! She is scheduled to obtain her Level 1 certification and complete our internship process. After completion, she will be an official WLRCF coach along with Steven and Roby, and will be unleashing all sorts of CF hell I am sure.





When it comes to training, I have yet to hear it explained better than Ben Bergeron’s “3-headed monster.”

Your goal is to become a three-headed monster.   Top athletes in this sport have Strength, Skills and Conditioning.  Your goal is to be feeding (improving) all three heads at the same time – every month, every week, every day.  If you have a serious weakness in one (one head is smaller than the other two), feed it more till its as big as the others.

If you attend WLRCF, you will be feeding all three of these heads in the proper amounts while following our general programming, as well as, doing weekly progressions and assignments to develop extra skills and stamina needed to perform well (whether it be in competition or in moving logs in your backyard.)

The programming will be split into 2 categories;

  • Fitness

– This will be for anyone wanting to get strong, fast, lean and healthy. This programming will build you to not only perform like a Crossfitter, but also give you the skills and drills to pick up heavy things, move efficiently, prevent injuries, and build mental toughness.

  • Performance

– This will provide all of the benefits of the Fitness program and a bag of chips (kale of course). Not only will you be working with the same great people you are used to, you will be adding one or more of the following elements during regular Wod classes.

  • Heavier weights
  • Full snatch/clean as opposed to power
  • Rx movements such as HSPU, muscle-ups, double unders, etc.
  • Rx Named wods and hero wods.
  • Progressions to develop skills and work capacity unique to competitions.

* Both programs will run hand in hand. They are written so that the people performing either program can Wod next to each other in the same class.


I have decided after 3+ years of coaching and experimenting with beginner/on-ramp/foundation courses that 2 weeks of introductory CrossFit is just not enough, plain and simple. I can write pages about why it isn’t, but I’ll sum it up this way..

Constant learning and renewal of your skills is essential to success in anything. Including the ability to move and perform correctly. This is termed “sharpening the saw”
•Sharpening the saw is about renewing yourself – physically, mentally and spiritually.
•The balancing and renewal of your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable long-term effective life changes.
•This is constant improvement of one’s self in order to be a better human being and to sharpen one’s skills in order to achieve better results.
“Sharpening the Saw” cannot be done by putting a newbie through a 2-week crash course and then claiming that you are continually improving their fitness by “infinitely scaling” their workouts  down and not exercising your passion in service to others.
Foundations will be a 3-session course covering the 9 foundational movements as they are taught at level 1 seminars. After a new member completes foundations, they will begin in the wod classes under the “Fitness” program and will be continuously engaged to improve their work capacity and progress to more technical and load-appropriate lifts.
This will take months and lead to stronger, faster, more agile human beings, as compared to two weeks of crash course and a lifetime of scaling.

In all humbleness, I am proud of what we have built here as a program. The feedback from drop-ins and members indicates that we are doing something right. However, it is still not good enough…we will continue to innovate and improve our program until we have reached a point of what we feel is excellent, at that point we will break it down again and make it even better and then repeat. There is no perfect program. We will continue to sharpen our own saws as well.

-CrossFit Kids-

Pending a criminal background check (no worries there guys) I will be attending the upcoming CF kids seminar in January. Leading up to that month we will be planning and experimenting with class curriculums. We will most likely hold “kids camp” classes as a trial run for our CF kids program before charging anything for kids to attend. I will update you guys as this progresses. If you are interested, more info can be found here–> http://crossfitkids.com/

There are some more changes in the works for WLRCF. They are things that have me excited for the future here. Im looking forward to even more solid training, good lulz and great people at the box. Lets keep rocking this thing till the wheels fall off people.






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