Stop Doing CrossFit. You’re Going to Get Hurt.

All of us have had a naysayer or two in our circle of friends and family.

  • “Don’t pet a dog without asking” – Good Advice
  • “Don’t ever swim without a life-jacket” -Questionable Advice
  • “Don’t do CrossFit, you’re going to get hurt” -OK, Hold TF Up

We condone what we are comfortable with. We oppose what intimidates us or eludes our understanding.

My members tell me they struggle to hear these words from a peer and respond in a kind way. It’s a struggle because it’s hard to tell someone you care about that they are wrong. Because we don’t understand something or we have a fog of fear around it, does not make it “bad” for someone else or even us.

A proper response is simple. We don’t try to make someone feel wrong. We simply offer a different viewpoint supported by truth and an opportunity for them to see it.

Person: “Yeah, I don’t do CrossFit you’re gonna get hurt doing that.”
Me: Have you been to {insert affiliate I attend}
Person: No
Me: Well, each place is different. I think if you came once, you’d see why I go there even though people tell me I’ll get hurt. Hey! What are you doing Saturday at 9:30?!

I was told similar things by friends when I quit college and started my business. “You’re so close to graduating, why stop?” “I’d rather have a paycheck and benefits.” “You cant get a high-paying job without a REAL degree.”
“There’s no way I would ever do what you’re thinking about.”

It’s now been six years since hearing those statements from people close to me.
To update everyone:
-I have not become a homeless person.
-I’m financially secure.
-I received (2) 6-figure job offers specifically because of my experience running a business from scratch. I turned down both.
-I love what I do

I won’t tell people they are wrong about entrepreneurship, but I will invite them to see why I choose to do it even though I’m often told how dangerous it is. Then I bring them to the 9:30 class on Saturday.


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