Take My Money

Lie: Health is expensive.

Truth: The cost has nothing to do with money.

People who’ve trekked out of sickness don’t cite money as the biggest cost. The largest costs were something like:

  • Admitting the problem they had created. 
  • Admitting awareness of the problem and doing nothing about it until it was impossible not to.

I’ve trained wealthy and poor people who would gladly pay to never partake in the necessary realizations above. 

The cost of health is not rooted in money. It’s rooted in avoidance. We say “I spend this money every month and don’t see change” when we mean “I spend this money each month, but I still don’t change the things I should.”

We shine the spotlight on money or time, so we won’t illuminate and face what truly holds us back.

  • Our poor attitude.
  • The habit of trying to “buy our way out of problems”
  • Using food or technology to escape from emotions.

This truth is hard. It brings out the tigers that could eat us if we don’t look them in the eye, say no, and start running like hell in the other direction. Tigers like eating away sadness, obsessive shopping, alcohol, drugs, and abusive relationships.

It re-orients us with our stars worthy of chasing, and how far in the wrong direction we’ve strayed. Stars like becoming the cool old guy instead of the sick and broken old guy. Being the aunt who could lift the kids way above her head with just one arm. 

The true cost of health is hard to sit with, but it would be worthwhile because you would shine the spotlight directly on the reason you won’t allow yourself to have health in the first place. 

And that is some powerful juice if you can drink it.

If you really want some truth, sit on the edge of your bed today and ask: 

What’s one thing I’m doing wrong and know I’m doing wrong?


What’s something I should change, and I would change, even if no one knew, even if I couldn’t finish it? 

And change it.

You’d be a machine. You’d master what no trainer can master for you. The courage to look your real problems dead in the eye and say “I’ve got you, you little monster, now I run the show.”

And the failed fad diets, late-night fast food trips, avoidance of the number on the scale can dissipate, even lift from your conscience, and become costs you didn’t expect, but are glad to have paid.


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