The B.S. Question.

“Yeah, I just want to know how much it costs.”

Um, no, you don’t.

Do you get off by calling different places and asking what they cost?

I bet you feel like you’re missing something. 

You’re not calling me because you want a good body. None of us want that if it just magically happened one day because we’d fear losing it. 

We want something more meaningful.


The feeling that you can decide. 

We want the calm that comes with options and the confidence that we can affect our outcome. 

So talk to me about that. 

Where have you been missing control? 

How long have you been stuck there? 

When will you permit yourself to have control again? 

What will it take to keep you from having that control and freedom? MoNEy? 

So, all I have to do is pay you to stay stuck forever?


I wanted to grow my business. (Really, I wanted to stop being broke and homeless.)

I didn’t find a mentor that I felt comfortable fitting into my budget.

I found a mentor with a track record of getting the job done. 

He cost $10,000 to hire. 

I couldn’t afford it. But I paid what I could with the last available balance on my credit card. 

And, listen to me here, I. HAD. LESS. THAN. YOU. I wasn’t broke; I was broke-broke. I had been evicted AGAIN and was crashing my brother’s couch. I was skipping meals and spending my only cash to feed my two dogs with small bags of dog food because I couldn’t buy the big bags anymore. 

I got the guts to get out of my emotions, listen to logic, and put my money and mind where I wanted to go instead of where I was. 

So I put my crappy ego in the corner and did everything that guy told me to do. I promised up front that I would do the work. I would question him. I would want reasons and assurance, but I vowed to do it.

After a month, I got control back. 

I didn’t get out of poverty and find a place to live right away; instead…

I got my head on straight and, over time, tripled my business.

I got people better results with their health.

I could afford my dog’s vet bills.

I became somewhat attractive as a human being again.

I built a place that people wanted to be.

I got the confidence to remove people who had been damaging to others and me.

I created full-time jobs and hired people I felt the world deserved to see grow and expand into something more. 

Once I saw that I was capable with the right information and guidance, I regained my energy and used it to work even harder.

I’m not homeless. I’m buying multiple homes and providing a place for people to live. 

I’m not rich. I’m still driving used cars, but I’m investing every cent I have so that no Jucha has to go through what I went through. 

And I’m learning more and more how to be a good mentor so they never need anything I’ve put away for them.

All of this^ stopped being a line item in my budget when I stopped making it a line item in my budget. 

It happened when I bet on myself. 

And guess what? That’s a rigged bet the house won’t win. 

What if you stopped saying, “I can’t afford the cost,” and started getting honest by saying, “I’m worth betting on.”

That’s the only bet that you can influence in your favor, and there is no other bet like that. 

So, don’t be surprised when I call you on your b.s. question about price. It’s not disrespect. I know what you can do on a deep, personal level. I’ve helped too many people get to a place where “the price” almost kept them stuck forever. 

Because I was the guy who “the price” almost kept stuck forever.

It’s never the price. 

It’s just you, allowing (or not allowing) yourself to receive what you deserve. 

Make a bet on you. I’ll show you how to win it.



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