The Case of the Infinite Toothpaste

When you open a new tube of toothpaste, you’ll probably do what 90% of people in the world (including me) do, and use it liberally.

But as you get to the end of the tube, you’ll treat it differently. You’ll start applying less to your toothbrush, rolling it up, and squeezing the last drops out. You’ll basically treat it like there is a limit to what you can use, as you should.

Food is kind of like that. When we close our eyes to the actual amount of food we can have in a day, without putting on weight, or feeling bad, we will eat liberally. The worst part is we won’t know we’re eating too liberally because we can’t see the limit (the end of the tube).

The limit is the carbs, fat, and protein that make you feel energized, satiated, and content. Our teeth won’t get whiter because we used more toothpaste, just like more food won’t make us feel better.

The good news?
If you avoid that number, it’s probably a lot more than you think it is.

I won’t tell you that you can’t out-work a bad diet. Most people don’t want to do that anyway. I can tell you that if you treat your toothpaste like the tube has no end, you’ll keep applying it too liberally.

Hey, has anyone tried that prank with an oreo and toothpaste filling?

Know the numbers that matter, if you don’t know them, reply to me with an email, and I’ll help you out.


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