Who’s Hungrier?

Cheetahs eat Gazelles.

But not as often as David Attenbourough <-(I just spelled that right on the first try) would try to convince you.

When the chase is on and the cheetah is after the gazelle, the victor is not determined by qualities of speed, teeth, agility or balance. Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal alive, but they still go hungry and often. The cheetah may have been evolving for years to catch the gazelle, but the gazelle has been evolving to evade her.

The outcome determination is simple.

Is the cheetah’s hunger for food, more powerful than the gazelle’s hunger for life?

Cheetah Chow™

But the Gazelle can still win. If his drive to endure outmatches the cheetah’s hunger, he will outmaneuver, outsmart, or outlast her.

David vs Goliath

Mighty Ducks vs Iceland

You vs (insert obstacle here)

Odds are just odds and should be beaten often.



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