The Intramural Open

It’s Here! The 2021 West Little Rock CrossFit Intramural Open. 

What is it? 

The CrossFit Open and the WLRCF Intramural Open are two sides of the same coin.

The CrossFit Open: Each week, CFHQ releases a workout that CrossFitters worldwide do in their gym or garage and submit to get a picture of their overall fitness level.

The WLRCF intramural is where our gym takes that weekly workout and makes it a big deal for clients of WLRCF only. We dress up, play team games, bring food, workout next to our best friends, throw parties, and abuse WLRCF-provided photo booths.

It’s three weeks where fully grown adults are praised for acting like kids again and having the most fun anyone could have in a gym.

When is it? 

You can register for the WLRCF Open starting today. The first workout and release party at our gym will happen on Mar 11th. The CF workouts end on Mar 29th, and we’ll do one more fun wod together and announce the winner of the intramural open on Apr 3rd.

What do I need to do?

You’ll need to do two things.

  1. Register for the intramural open on – $20
  2. If you want your worldwide fitness ranking, register on We do not rack this and highly recommend you do it as well. – $20

Do I have to be good at working out?

Absolutely not, although you’re probably a lot better than you think. This is a place to let loose, have fun with your friends, and see how far your fitness has come. The open is the place to find out that you have more in you than you thought. 

P.S. there’s a no-douchebags rule at the gym. So, rest assured, it’s all about good vibes in our open.

Grown-ups acting like kids? What?

We’ve had a theme each year in the intramural open. 

We’ve made color-teams, Harry Potter, and Star Wars themes. 

This year, it’s Mean Girls! I know, right? So fetch.

Each team captain will be in charge of food and decorating for one Friday of the intramural. 

Will you be helping set up the Band Geeks Pep Rally?

The Dude-Bro’s Talent Show?

Or the Plastic’s Prom?

Team Selection

After you register, you’ll be placed on a team through our blind-draft on Feb 17th. Three captains will select teammates based on seeing only a “superpower and fun fact” about that member. They’ll only see the member’s name after drafting them. If you don’t register before the draft, you can still be drafted by a captain! So be ready! 

I’m on a team! Now what? (pre-season)

After you register, you can earn points by completing daily tasks in our challenge app. 

Tasks are:

  • Peer-pressuring another member to sign up.
  • Drinking 1/2 your body weight in oz of water.
  • Leaving a google review.
  • Logging meals.
  • and More!

This is considered the pre-season. If you rack up a lot of points, not only will your team thank you, but you’ll be in REALLY good shape when the open starts. 

When the first open workout is released, we’ll give the team with the most pre-season points a 10-point lead in the Intramural Cup!

The Open Officially Starts 3/11

We’ll meet up on Thursday evening at 6:30 pm for the release party of the first WOD at the gym. You don’t want to miss this. Members who want to lead the way will workout just minutes after the first WOD is released at 7:00 pm. 

Think about a mix between a competition, a party, a WWE entrance, and the student section of a home game. There may also be an MC that you know from the gym and some great cheat food.

After the first open announcement, we’ll do the workout in the intramural each Friday starting at 4:30 pm and go until everyone has had a chance to do it. You can select a time to workout from your phone or computer before coming. This will help us keep everyone safe with social distancing.

*If you cant make the Intramural evening event, you can do the workout in class that day.

Each week, you and your team will rack up Intramural cup points! 

The Finale

We’ll announce the Intramural Cup-winning team and do a final Hero WOD together as one group. There’s no score, just guts, grit, and great people to support each other and do what’s hard to finish the open with perspective and gratitude for what we all have here at WLRCF as a community. 

Shut up and take my money!

Easy killer, we don’t see any of the money that the intramural brings in. We use it to cover the costs of events, shirts, seminars for you, and putting on an amazing time. If there’s anything left, we will be donating it to Lucie’s Place of Little Rock.

So now what? 

  1. Register for the intramural open on – $20
  2. If you want your worldwide fitness ranking, register on We do not rack this and highly recommend you do it as well. – $20
  3. Can I help? Emal me. [email protected]


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