The Magic Wand Trick

A question I often ask in my first meeting with a new client is “If I had a magic wand and waved it over you, and tomorrow you woke up and your goal was realized (dropped the 20 lbs, got the body you want, etc), without a scale… how would you know?

It’s a way of helping someone reach their own understanding of what exactly they are wanting to achieve. Most people will reference a number of lbs they want to lose, but that number is rarely ever tied to any real-life difference.

  • Would you’re body look different? How so?wlrcf-crossfit
  • Would you receive compliments from your husband about “how loose you shirt has gotten, or cut your arms have become?”
  • Would you feel more energetic at work and on nights out o the town?
  • Could you run 200 ft, 2000 ft or even a mile without stopping to catch your breath?
  • Would you feel proud of yourself? Maybe a different adjective?

Those are what you’re after. Not 20 lbs. Thats what your seeing in the person who exudes “Im cool with my weight whatever it is, I just want to look and feel like I do now, or even a little better.” The way that I see this is “I don’t care what a machine reads, I want to live like I do now

They stopped making magic wands several hundred years ago.

But you can create a life your proud of by working on what’s important to you. Try applying this ta topic you feel cloudy on. It helps cut through the fog of superficial achievements, and reveal what your really seeking.

What’s important to you.

That will light a fire.



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