The Must-Do List

If you fill your to-do list with your trepidations, you’ll start gaining the freedom to have a more meaningful to-do list.

It’s the things we won’t put on our to-do list that we should really be doing.

Instead of shopping for a storage unit, we should be de-cluttering our home.

Instead of buying the latest diet info-product, we should be

removing the problem foods in our cabinets. 

Instead of renewing our commitment to fitness and not falling off the wagon again, we should be hiring a coach to keep us a progress track with our goals.

I love coaching group classes and personal clients. The very first piece of advice my first mentor gave me after writing out my perfect day was to stop coaching by 50% and allow another person to experience that opportunity. 

“because doing the things you want to do is keeping you from the things you need to do.”

He was right. I was filling my time with the things I wanted to do, so I wouldn’t have to face scary things like finances, hiring staff, removing toxic situations, and furthering the vision of building happier humans through health.

That change in my modus operandi put me in front of issues I was avoiding before they grew into problems I couldn’t escape.

If we don’t rethink our to-do list as a must-do list and fill it with the trepidations we”re avoiding, IT will become an “Oh Shit” list.

What’s one thing you’ve been avoiding that you can knock out? A quick win will give us the momentum to knock out another, and another. 


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