“The Open Taught Me” With JD Stephenson.

This will be my eighth Crossfit Open. I’ve been thinking “what is my fondest memory of all the past Opens?” The workout that I remember the most was 15.1. This was technically my second year but the first time I did all of the workouts.

I had just completed my Level 1 Certification and I was riding that high, but to be honest, I was still fresh when it came to all of the movements. The workout was a spicy triplet of Toes to Bar, light deadlifts, and Snatch’s followed by a 1 rep max clean and jerk. This was such a fun workout for me. After finishing the triplet, I only had 6 Minutes to find my best clean and jerk weight. Until that moment I had only cleaned 110 pounds (Real big weights I know). I cleaned 115 for the first time that day. In my head, I was like “Holy Crap I just PR’d!” Then I remembered I had to try to jerk it and I thought my heart fell out of my chest. I missed the jerk, but I caught it back on my shoulders. There was no way I was going to clean that weight back up and I only had 10 Seconds so I took a giant breath, went for it, and nailed the jerk! I hit my second PR of the day.

I’ll never forget how accomplished I felt after doing that workout. The Open taught me that it’s not about being the strongest, the fastest, or the most skilled. It’s about trying to be a better you in every workout and giving it your all no matter the outcome. It taught me that investing in myself and in others is one of the most beautiful things we can ever do. This year’s Open is the one I’m most excited about.

Want to join JD in the Open? Sign up for our Intramural Open here: http://www.intramuralopen.wodifyrise.com”>intramuralopen.wodifyrise.com


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