The Ultimate CrossFit Gift Guide

What do you give a CrossFitter?

It’s the question that thousands of people asked last year. CrossFit is a culture of active people doing workouts that require quality gear, but there’s so many brands and products to choose from. How do you know what to gift to a CrossFitter without giving them the wrong thing? We’ve taken some of the top gear and narrowed down our top picks for you. We’ve been CrossFitting for over ten years and know what brands and products are worth your dollar and will make your CrossFitter friend or family happy to see on their special day or through the holidays. 

*We’ve made sure that every item was in stock at the time of making this guide. Prices are listed for any items over $50 to help you make choices that fit your budget.


-The West Little Rock CrossFit Team


These are the most common items that a CrossFitter will go through on a monthly to yearly basis. They usually need to be replenished and make great stocking stuffers. You’ll save them a run to the store or a week of workouts without them if you want to get them back-ups as well.

*The knee sleeves also double as knee mufflers for athletes over 35.


We recommend one item from each category if your CrossFitter is always showing off or talking about their ripped hands. *This will shut them up.

Massage/ Recovery

We prefer to show some luv with a good backrub. But people who workout are usually too tired to do that.


Perhaps the only gear that’s more personal to a Crossfitter than their shoes, a good belt is a staple in the gym bag. Our favorite is 2POOD’s Straight belt. They’re the official belt of USAW and boast the famous glitter belt designs that lifters and nesting birds love. Unbroken Designs gives you really comfortable belt with a ton of different patterns to choose from.

*There were a lot of good belts to choose from, but it’s our job to make things simpler. So, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three.


You’ll need a bag to put all this great gear in! Our favorite is not the most expensive. Bear Komplex’s Tactical bag is a softer but heavy-duty nylon. There’s plenty of room for your favorite patches and a 100% guarantee. 

Jump Ropes 

Every CrossFit Gym has some loaner ropes available on a first-come, first-served basis. But with their own rope, your fit-fam can come home looking whipped and whelped from the rope that fits them just right, every time. *Cheap ropes bunch up and trip the jumper. We’ve left those out and given you options with quality cables and handles.


Okay…Here’s the thing. CrossFit is really a “Shoe-cult”. We only stop looking at new training shoes online when the coach tells us to put our phone down and get back to work.  This is probably the most personal purchase for a CrossFitter. So here’s how to do it right.

  1. Go through (or just look at) the shoes your cult member already wears to cult meetings or workouts, whatever. Try to stick with the same brand. We’ve listed the most popular for the big three brands.
  2. If you’re not sure on the brand or this will be their first pair of training shoes, here’s how we would gauge it:
    1. They prefer a wide toe-box? Nike Metcons
    2. They like simple and non-flashy? NOBULLS
    3. They aren’t sure. You aren’t sure. Nobody knows what’s going on? Reebok Nanos. Always a solid choice.
    4. They like to wear them casually outside the gym? NOBULLS
    5. They like people to think they have money? Nike Metcons

Training Shoes

If you’re getting them lifting shoes this year, we’ve listed them in ascending order of experience level.

Lifting Shoes

Specialty / Next-Level Gifts

These are items that no CrossFitter expects you to know about unless you’ve been doing CF for a while as well. These not only make great gifts, but your fit friends will be very impressed that you did your homework, or scared out that you can read thoughts.

  • PR Bell $29.95
    • Have an affiliate owner or a garage gym athlete to shop for? Ringing the PR bell is a right of passage. We ring it when we go heavier or faster than the last time. It’s a way to remind ourselves and every neighbor just how awesome we are.
  • X-Over Symmetry Bands $110
    • If they complain about achy shoulders…or they’re over 35, just get these. You’re welcome.
  • Interval Gym Clock $128
    • Another great add for the garage gym athlete who always has their phone timer set, and hopefully turned it up loud enough, and hopefully no one calls, and hopefully they can do math…come on, they workout a bunch. They can’t do math.

Want to add more?

We’d love to hear your ideas. Send an email to [email protected] so we can contemplate adding it to this guide.



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