The Work is The Work. What Kind Would You Like?

Socrates described the nature of the world in forms.

According to Socrates, the world of forms isn’t accessible to our senses, only our thoughts. We can think of ideas such as roundness or redness, but we don’t perceive them. We can only perceive a red circle. The object simply is. It’s only a red circle when we cast it with our ideas of roundness, redness, and elasticity, surface tension, etc.

This isn’t to say that our ideas are wrong. The red circle really is a red circle…

Until we change our viewpoint and step to the side, realizing it’s a sphere.

Or a long cylinder we couldn’t perceive from standing in front of it.

The nature of forms depends on the ideas and perspective of the viewer.

Work is work.

It’s not hard, or easy, or complicated, or simple, or good or bad. All of that is up to you.

You decide the nature of it through your ideas and how you look at it.

If you’re alive, There’s a lot of work ahead. There’s no way around it. But it can be a lot of growth work, or strenuous work, or worthwhile work.

You can’t change the work, but you can change what kind of work it will be for you.

So here you are, looking at the work that lays in front of you. Take a breath, let it out, what kind of work would you like this to be?


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