The Zoo in Your Head

Imagine visiting the zoo to find that all the animals are grouped together in one big cage. Not only would this be dangerous for the animals (excluding the honey badger), it would be very difficult to view any an animal in particular and really learn much about it.

For most of us, our heads can be, unfortunately, like a zoo, in which all of the different animals (thoughts) are in one big cage, running wild.

Pick a thought, enclose it in its own cage and focus on it until you can actualize on it. You may group it with other like thoughts, but just as in National Geographic, they may end up making offspring. It’s best to deal with one at a time.

The zoo is an inherently sad place. Although the tenants receive needed care and attention, they are ultimately prisoners.

Set your animals free when you are done.

Now, please re-read this post in the voice of David Attenborough.


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