There’s a Better Option than a “Free Trail”

What Now?

When a person wants to join our gym, we don’t let them. At least not right away. 

We don’t encourage people to try out a class or start working out without a clear understanding of why they are here, and what needs to happen to get them where they want to go.

We do this because we know it works for more people, more often than jumping into the mix right away does. We want you to have a goal (or destination) in mind, but we also want you to have a clear path to get there and the tools and accountability to stay on it.

There’s a saying, “If you aim at nothing, you’re going to hit it.”

That’s why our first question isn’t “Want to try a free class?” Instead, we ask,
“What do you need right now?”

Scheduling may be tight, so the flexibility of personal training will keep you consistent when your work, family, or other commitments are your limiting factor.

You may not have accountability for eating the right amount and type of food, so nutrition coaching will take you further than working off calories only to replace them will do.

After you reach a goal, a continued effort may fall off without direction on a new purpose. Now is the perfect time to ask, “what do you need now?” again.

There’s a hard line between professional help and the “expert” tips that the internet and social media have incubated. That line is a professional who is good at acting on a structured approach and listening first.

New members start with the No-Sweat Intro. Current and successful members have goal-review sessions every 90 days. In both meetings, we ask, “What do you need now?”

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