Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

Have you ever been stuck on a decision that you aren’t looking forward to making?
What about a project at work that is at a stand-still and shows no signs of moving forward soon.

Acquiring knowledge is often seen as involving a school or books. But we also acquire knowledge (clarity) from ourselves. In some decisions, this self-tapped knowledge is more useful than outside sources. Exercise will help you do it.

Low-grade aerobic work aids in learning.
Repetitive work that you’re doing with your hands (thinking body, dancing mind) engages your body and makes your brain more permeable. This is why you may have some of your best ideas while taking a shower or driving a car or piling wood. The body is engaged but doesn’t require conscious thought to maintain that engagement, therefore, leaving your mind free to listen, remember, make connections, and think intelligently.

This is best done while performing low-grade aerobic work.
For this to work, the exercise has to require no thought or effort to perform skills or technique. This can be:
Walking the dogs
Skateboarding with the dogs (my personal choice)
Piling wood
Mowing the lawn

Barbell work is out of the question, so is intensity.

When I have an important call to make or a speech to write, I don’t need to sit still. I need to mop the gym floor. I need to hop on a rower with the monitor down so I’m not focused on the split pace, just the feel of the stroke.

By “taking a break” and going for a 15-minute jog, your much more likely to return to work with a solution that would have taken days, otherwise. This is just one of the ways fitness aids in multiple facets of life, family, and business.


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