Thursday, November 7th

Main – WOD

Prepare For Squats! (No Measure)

15 Minutes Working on Squat Mobility:

Walking Knees to Chest
Walking Butt Kicks
Frankenstein Walks
Duck Walks
1 Minute Goblet Squat Hold with KB
1 Minute Couch Stretch with each Leg
1 Minute PVC Pipe Roll Out On Both Your Quads and Your IT Band.

Front Squat

Spend 25 Minutes Finding A Heavy 1 Rep Front Squat And Back Squat. Perform 1 Front Squat Followed By 1 Back Squat Before Increasing The Weight Until You Hit Failure With The Front Squat, At Which Time You Will Continue Increasing Your Weight And Perform Back Squats Only. Pair Up With Someone Around Your Same Strength Level.

Back Squat


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