Time for a “Habit Renovation”

If you want your house to serve you better, you don’t have to tear it down. Then you would be a hobo like me.

You can do a renovation.

It’s honestly the only choice for habit reformation. You’re re-building a better set of behaviors that SERVE you rather than do you a disservice.

You still have to live, so it’s best not to burn down all of your habits at once. Just start with one and get it where you want it, then move to the next one. Fix the guest bathroom first, before redoing the kitchen, bedrooms, and Netflix-viewing chamber in tandem.

This week, we took ten people through a habit renovation for their mornings. They’re making each day more productive while burning fat and building energy. The kicker? We only asked for a better breakfast and more water throughout the day.

In the scheme of renovation, It’s just one room. But time next month, they’ll have a whole new house.


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