Health is simple.

Its Work Capacity Across Broad Domains & Time.

Work: Can you perform tasks that carry you into the future?

Capacity: How much work can you perform? A bus is about to hit you because you are bad at crossing streets. Do you lay down and become sir/madam speed-bump? Can you fall out of the way? Step out of the way? Jump out of the way? What about grabbing the kid next to you and jumping both of you to safety? Telekinesis?

Broad Domains: What about getting up after you jumped to safety from the bus? What about climbing through a bus window to beat up the driver? What about running away from the driver you severely underestimated? What about scaling the fence and lifting the heavy basement doors to hide under? What kinds of things can you do?

Time: Are you able to do this at age 15 AND age 55? Can you run away for a long time? Or can you sprint to safety? Can you do both?

Okay that may not seem simple. It’s this:

How hard are you to kill? Be it cancer or agitated bus drivers.


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