We’re More Like A Bar

I walked into my first bar when I was seventeen.

“He’s with me.” My friend Randy hollered at the mountain of a guy checking IDs and taking cover fees at the door.

I could have skipped the drinks and the dancefloor that evening. I got the most valuable thing a bar could offer me when the bouncer waved me in.


The best thing about a bar isn’ the drinks or atmosphere. It’s the people. That’s why someone’s favorite place can be a loud nightclub or a hole in the wall sports bar. Everyone you want to be around is there, and none of the people you don’t. The drinks are just an excellent addition.

We’re kind of like that.

But with kettlebells.

And jaw-dropping transformations.

And people excited to see you, without needing to be buzzed to show it.

The fitness, the improved energy, and the life-changing stories all happen because this place has all the people you want to see, and none of the ones you don’t.

“CrossFit changed my life.” and “I love going to CrossFit” are more commonly said than “I do CrossFit.”

Just like “I hang at Grumpy’s” and “I go to Bigg’s,” are said more than “I drink at a bar.”


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