What a Chad

While some of our coaches are very fit, that’s not why they’re coaches. It’s a trap to hire a basketball coach because he can slam dunk if your goal is to take a team to the championship.

“It’s not about what they can do, it’s about what they can do for you.”


The right person for the job may not have dunked a ball in 20 years, or ever. But he can organize and empower other humans. He may do both, but he won’t lack the latter.

Chad is a shining example of this. He wants you to do great things for yourself and is easily the loudest cheerleader in the room. He can’t talk to you without a smile.⁠ Can he slam dunk? I don’t know.

Actually, I doubt it quite a bit.

But he can clean 300lbs and pass me on a bike.

He can come back after stresses and events in life that would make most men I know, quit.

He can convince you that you’re important when you walk in the door.

And that’s what it takes to be a great coach.

When the character is there, we add the rest.
Our coaches are trained to: ⁠
✅ Have a Positive Presence⁠
✅ Practice Empathy⁠
✅ Teach Movement⁠
✅ See Movement⁠
✅ Correct Movement⁠

It’s literally in our evaluations.


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