What I Learned by Taking a Year off of Coaching Crossfit

 In CrossFit, we teach you that three major components of living a better life through your fitness are:

  • Move: Simple enough, do CrossFit! or run, or bodybuilding, or anything that keeps you engaged and your intensity high when you do it.
  • Eat Well: All that moving is going to take some fuel, so you should put premium in the tank. #treatyourself. You’re a Ferrari, not a Volkswagon. 
  • Recover: Man, if only I paid more attention to this piece years ago. Every time I can think back to being depressed, I wasn’t sleeping. When my performance slipped, and joints ached, I wasn’t sleeping. When people told me I looked tired, I wasn’t sleeping.
  • ???

There’s a fourth component. It’s environment. 

A hard lesson for me to learn was how removing myself from coaching people every day changed my brain. I wanted my staff to have the opportunities that I had as a coach, and my business was successful enough to provide that, so I took a step away from the coaching floor. 

I went from 20+ hours/week of being around people who want to get better and improve themselves, to 4-5 hours per week, when I would workout with the classes.

I was less active.

I was less engaged with the people in front of me.

I stopped writing.

I started watching more TV.

I gained weight and ate/drank more.

And all of it made sense to do. We’re creatures of habit, and I had removed the environment where I shaped good habits. An environment where the people around you are trying to expand, learn, grow, and just get comfortable with the uncomfortable is a good thing.

It makes doing that stuff yourself, much easier.

Recovering addicts don’t hang out in bars, and if you want to become healthier, you should surround yourself with people who’s habits are taking them there as well.

If you know you know your environment or any of the other pieces needs a tune-up. Click here; We can help with all four.


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