What People Need

No one “needs a personal trainer,” whatever that is. Instead, they need to define why they are unhappy right now. People are motivated by attaining joy or relieving pain, and almost all of your clients will seek you to remove the pain that’s causing them to be unhappy. 

If someone has:

-tried to feel and look better multiple times without success 

-pulled out their phone to google you or your service

-browsed your website

-inspected your social media

-booked an appointment with you

-showed up to the said appointment

-and jumped through every other hoop to be in front of a paid professional. Rest assured are one or more pain points that are draining their happiness.

  1. People need to clearly visualize a future where they exist without this pain point. 
  2. They need to write that vision into the form of a S.M.A.R.T. goal, often with the help of a professional. Then, back-build milestones that will indicate progress on the way. 
  3. They need a clear picture of the standards and habits they have right now. Then, the standards and habits they will need to reach that goal.
  4. Clear, objective action items (homework) in the smallest, most-effective doses. And a professional to keep them focused on those action items.
  5. Measurement to know if the plan is working or needs adjustment.

When a patient has the flu, the doctor doesn’t say, “go heal your flu.” He says “Take two of these pills every day for one week. If your boogers are still yellow, come see me again.”

Objective action items in the smallest (but still powerfully effective) dose, and measurement for accountability/and adjustment. This is the template.

You now have a degree in removing pain points.

This degree is utterly worthless because most coaches know and even understand it, but they don’t embody it in their own lives and practice helping others with it. You have to apply it, mess up, let people down, face facts that you are not great, then use the same template to improve yourself as a practitioner in helping others.

You must experience why this template is easy to understand but hard to practice, just like removing pain points and improving another person’s life. Practice is the world’s most valuable teacher.


You Can’t Get Abs

From doing one sit-up. You have to get reps in. Over many months. Possibly years. And if you want to really see them, you’ll start


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