What You Signed Up For

We Didn’t Sign Up For Easy.

We signed up for change.

The dotted line wasn’t an agreement to “see if CrossFit will change my life for me.”

It was an agreement to be told the truth.

Inside every burpee that sucks the wind out of you, every calorie on a rower that takes its own sweet time to burn, is a grain of truth. “This is where I am.”

That truth might be sobering at the beginning, but that truth gets easier, and dare I say, it becomes fun if you walk in the gym enough times.

Enough times that the burpees leave you breathless in a good way, and the calories still suck to earn but come much quicker on the rower.

Three months in or three years in, the words are the same, but they have a completely different message. “This is where I am.”

And it’s the truth.

You’re not fixed in stone.

Walk in.
Train Hard.
Fist Bump.


Scream, Aim, Fire.

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