When Fitness is Done Right, You Can’t Hide.

Do you really know if you’re getting better? Here’s how to find out:

  1. Test a task. How many calories can you burn on a rower in five minutes? How many times can you safely lay down on the floor and get back up again in five minutes?
  2. Train for a while. Do CrossFit, practice a sport, do yoga, work with a coach on a weakness. Do it for at least four weeks.
  3. Re-test. Try that five-minute row again. How many more times did you get up from the floor this time? 

The difference is the change in your fitness. 

Cliches like “pretty healthy” and “in good enough shape” are things of the past. We defined fitness over ten years ago, and the number of positive outcomes we’ve seen because of that is staggering. There’s nowhere for the fake-gurus and shake companies to hide. Fitness is provable. 

Health doesn’t have to be uncommon in the U.S. if we spread this truth.

Want a true measure of your fitness? Want it to be a ton of fun? Join the intramural open. It’s the largest fitness test that you can do, regardless of your age, weight, how many limbs you don’t have, or cats you do have.  

Register here: intramuralopen.wodifyrise.com

Want to know more? Message me. 


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