Where Are Your Keys Right Now?

Here I am giving Julie Foucher an F in flirting.

Have you ever misplaced your keys? Of course, you have. It’s no different with reps in a workout. I’m doing wall-ball shots, and counting in my head, 11, 12, 13… ::I get distracted for two seconds:: 94, 95, 112, TIME! 

I’m so good at this. Why is everyone still going?

You won’t have to worry about losing count in the intramural open. We provide you with a member to count your reps for you! They’re called the “judge,” but you’ll know them and hear them counting and cheering you on to give your best. 

Right after you finish the workout, they’ll be doing the exact thing you just did. And I bet, if this open is anything like the past nine opens I’ve done, you’ll be cheering loudly for them, even if you’re not their judge.

 Also, you should check if your keys are where they should be right now.

Be cool -> intramuralopen.wodifyrise.com


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