Why Coaching?

When I started doing CrossFit, (A long long time ago, in a galaxy next door) I would spend hours on forums like T-Nation and Elite FTS, and of course the CrossFit message board. The question I was trying to answer was simple, and you suffer from it too. “How do I get better?”

Back then, Glenn Pendlay was walking around in sandals and coaching Olympians on his youtube channel, and the Russians always had drills that no one else knew. In heavy Russian accent “We learned this drill back before barbell, when we used to snatch cows.”

I spent a lot of time on the weird side of the internet. But now, you don’t have to. The tens of thousands of men and women like me who were digging for the answer to “How to become better” grew up. They became better, and now, you can walk into their gym (or zoom room) and have those years of digging concentrated down to a few relevant sentences and delivered to you.

There’s millions of idea and techniques. What’s the ONE that YOU should work on?

That’s coaching.


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