Why We Can’t Stop Quitting.

You can do complex workouts, but simple often works better. ⁠Why?

You won’t need years of experience or education in exercise. You won’t need to account for “peaking” or waves/cycles. (We do that so you don’t have to.) ⁠

All you need is a reason that’s compelling enough for you to move. Progress is not two years of never missing a workout or a clean meal. Progress is right now, on your living room floor with 5 minutes of burpees and air squats. ⁠

But will you do it? ⁠

Don’t spend energy trying to make yourself excited if you aren’t excited.

Reach for WHY. Why is this worth it to you?

People rarely wake up with an exercise problem. People do wake up with a desire to have more confidence, to be a good example for their kids, to feel attractive to their partner, or to take back power of their outcomes in life. ⁠

Why will you do it?⁠


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