Will You Do What It Takes?

Some of the most complex questions have the simplest answer. Effort.

I don’t mean pushing harder. I mean taking the road we refuse to go down. We’ll hide a solution from ourselves under the guise of “the solution should fit me.” What we mean is “the solution should be convenient for me.”

If the only class we can attend at the gym is 5:15 am, and we aren’t excited to get up early. Then we say “the schedule doesn’t work for me.” And search elsewhere

But would going to that 5:15 class for three months get us in a routine and knock our extra weight and low self-esteem out of the park? And we won’t go because “it’s early??” 

That’s crazy. At least it’s crazy not to try. 

I’d gladly take a few months of inconvenient, honest work over years of trying to make round solutions fit my square circumstances.  


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