WodMedic Coaching Seminar

Transform your Athletes

WodMedic will arm you with three of the most powerful tools ever created. These tools were built specifically for fitness coaches, in order to combat the most common obstacles encountered on an athletes journey towards improved function and performance. No longer will your athletes be held back by invisible mobility restrictions, lack of skill, or be at the mercy of a recurrent injury.

Quick Course Outline:


-Expanding the role of the fitness coach

-Opening discussion on the various roles/responsibilities of a coach

-Why you (coaches) should be in charge of movement assessment

-Physiology is cheap, movement is priceless

-Introduction to current commercial models of movement assessment

-Where to plug assessments in to your programming



-Update on the current state of Neuroscience Research

-Biomechanics and Injury, is there correlation?

-Biomechanics and the SAID principle


WODMedic Assessments

-Initial On Ramp Assessment

-Overhead Squat Assessment

-Hip Hinge Assessment

-Overhead Press Assessment

-Front Rack Assessment


Assessment Lab

-Hands on time to work the assessments


Hands on Mobility Lab

-Joint mobility corrections

-Soft tissue mobility corrections

-Stability/motor control corrections



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FAQ: http://www.wodmedic.com/

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