You Don’t Workout For Health.

No one goes to a gym to work out.

I will die on this hill.

Who am I to say something so controversial yet so brave?

  • I’ve owned two gyms.
  • Trained over a thousand local clients. (Some trained with me for over a decade.)
  • My systems are in hundreds of gyms all over the planet.

Want to dive deeper? No one want’s to lose weight or build muscle. 



If you want to look better, and I snap my fingers and give you all the confidence, energy, and self-esteem of someone who looks physically fit, beautiful, and vibrant, would you STILL spend hours working out and prepping food each week?

Of course not; you’d be too busy getting all the phone numbers, Snapchat profiles, or whatever single people do these days.

My point?

: Whispers loudly: “We are all chasing feelings, not fitness.”

I’ll spare you a practical psychology lecture and give you a list of the six feelings you are chasing..

Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

People don’t want to lose weight to be healthier. 

They want to feel certain they won’t have type 2 diabetes and die before seeing their grandchildren like their dad did.

My clients don’t want <20% body fat. They want the connection of feeling like their partner is attracted to them. 

We want the variety of picking up any sport or hiking trail, regardless of the difficulty. 

If you’re going to keep clients happy and reap the rewards of working with you for years, you first need to understand that no one goes to you or the gym to work out. 

I’ve mapped out all these connected parts and taught my trainers how to deliver world-class coaching 1-on-1 with a client. What does it look like?

My heart-surgeon client is down 12 lbs this month, despite travel, a young daughter, and sky-high stress at work.

My client with cerebral palsy ran for the first time on the treadmill this October, and she has plenty more proving people wrong ahead of her. 

We even tested this on my mom. She’s down 20 lbs after two months.

Think we were focused on losing weight? Think again. 

Email me if you want to experience what it feels like to break through your stubborn roadblocks with a member of my team.

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I always respond.


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