Your Three-Step Action Plan for Nutrition: Step 1

1. Prepare for success 

Anyone can tell you to prep your food. Instead, prep your life for this upcoming week. What will do on Monday? Write out a short template for that day. Mine looks like this:

530 open my eyeballs.

600 Breakfast and walk dogs

630 read/write for thirty minutes

800- 1000 mentor entrepreneurs 

1000-1100 lunch

1100-100 Mentor entrepreneurs who don’t get up early

100 Food

430-530  Pre-workout fruit + workout + Post Workout Shake

630 Dinner + unwind

9:00 Bed

Your Template

Now, copy and paste that template across each weekday. Make any changes you need to. Maybe you take kids to school or dance recital, maybe you plan 10:00 walking breaks each hour at work. Just keep it simple and bold out the times where you can eat. 

NOW, what will you eat at each time you have bolded out? If you have 3 bolded times per day, you have 15 meals to decide on what you’re eating. 


  • Breakfast: 
    • 1 cup mixed berries or One Medium apple
    • 2 eggwhite patties + 2 chicken sausage links
  • Lunch:
    • 1 Slice of a Casserole I make with sweet potatoes, eggs, turkey sausage, and spinach.
  • Pre-Workout:
    • 1 Medium Banana 
  • Post Workout:
    • 1 Shake (water and powder) *It’s choc flavor so I feel like I’m being naughty.
  • Dinner:
    • 1 Crave (pre-made meal-service) Dinner

I usually repeat this template for each day. If change a few things here and there, I note it. Most Wednesdays I try to have dinner with my friend, Molly. I plan for it on my template.  

Your Shopping List

Then I make my grocery list, buy the stuff I need and prepare it on Sunday. It takes about 1.5 hours. I listen to a podcast or book while I do it. I do the same thing again on Wednesday before I head out for dinner.

*Crave meals get delivered to my gym each Monday and Thursday, so I don’t have to do much but grab them and heat them up to eat. 


If I get hungry and want to snack, I air-fry some broccoli with olive oil, salt & pepper, and lemon juice. I have 2 treat meals. One on Wednesday Night, One on Saturday whenever I like.

What if my schedule is crazy?!

Last weekend I took a weekend trip to see a concert. I bought a steak and veggies dinner-ready-to-cook from Whole Foods. I cooked it Thursday and put it into four meal containers in a cooler. Then I took it with us and stopped at a gas station to microwave it on the road. I ate the rest at the Air BnB. It doesn’t matter what your impromptu prepping looks like. As long as it works, do it. Who cares if you look silly. *You won’t, btw. Nobody cares.

The next two action steps coming at you:

2. Match your intake levels to meet your goals. 

3. Consistency is more important than a perfect plan.


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