Your Weight is a Game Of Boundaries. 

Your weight is a game of boundaries. 

Each morning, we set a boundary of “I’ll drink this much water and eat this much food.” 

You say: “I’ll have avocado toast for breakfast, sip coffee whilst reading a book at sunrise after breathing deeply for five minutes in stillness.” Which, is a great and very hippy notion of you. But if you haven’t set up your day to align with those boundaries, then it’s obvious why that day didn’t “go as planned.” you didnt hold your boundaries.

Boundaries only work when you keep them. So how do you get better at keeping boundaries? 

Set up your day so that keeping them involves the least amount of resistance as possible, and do it the night before. 

If you want avocado toast, set out the avocado and bread before bed. If you want to eat well at work, get something to take with you, and don’t assume that you’ll be out of a case or meeting in time to run to Panera Bread, where you’ll probably be tempted with more easy hits of sugar on the menu. I mean, hell, the name of the restaurant has “Bread” in it.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Fitness means preparation. If we don’t visualize the day we want, and then set it up, we won’t be fit to have that kind of day. That’s how you set boundaries for the progress you want from your fitness and keep them.

No one is perfect. I’m literally sitting in Tazikis’ Mediterranian as I type this because my stupid ass didn’t make the overnight oats last night. Learn from my mistakes. 

And try to have fun with your mistakes.



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