You’re Getting Distracted Again

You’re Getting Distracted Again. 

You have goals. You built a roadmap to accomplish them, yet you’re still overwhelmed and about to fall behind. 

Sound familiar? Sound like you right now? 

Let’s simplify the problem in Millenial/Gen-Z terms.

 You have too many browser windows open. You’re trying to zoom with 20 children. There are over 90k unread emails on your phone. Has anyone ever paid property taxes on time?!

See how much anxiety and panic that last paragraph caused you? How can you expect to get a few important things done, let alone show up consistently for yourself when a million apps are running in the background?

There’s a lot to do. Always. Instead of chipping away at a pile constantly being added to, focus on one thing. 

“Set up the best environment to accomplish whatever is on your plate one day at a time.”

This is how you start a progress loop. Feeling good leads to good work. good work leads to feeling good, and the loop snowballs.

I focus on the 4-6 things that will set my brain up to make great work happen.

Here is my day. 

  • Choose to listen to something empowering instead of reading emails and checking social media for rewards/threats. Try Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Alan Watts, or Earl Nightengale. Youtube shorts are great btw. 
  • Write for 30 minutes. I feel more like myself when I write. Maybe you read, play with your kids or hide from your cats.
  • Start with a good breakfast. All meals are easier after that.
  • Work out with others.
  • Get to bed at a decent time. Trust me on this one. 

There are a million tasks and issues that I’ll have to address this year. I can sacrifice my day and my sanity by focusing on all the little things, or I can focus on my day to get me in a good headspace, and I’ll be better suited to tackle them.

Less is more.


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