You’re Missing Everything.

Yesterday, I posted this photo of how to draw an owl.

It’s comical because everyone can draw the two ovals in step one. Almost nobody can draw the owl in step two.

There’s a missing step from the two ovals to the owl. It’s actually all of the steps. Its the unknown and dim-lit path of trying, and missing, learning, correcting course, and trying again. It’s the journey.

We’ve been fed marketing for so long that the owl tutorial is funny, but the “template for abs” and “10 workouts to get you shredded” are clicked on Facebook more than our generation should admit to.

No one learned how to draw an owl from a template. They drew until it looked like an owl.

No one read their way to a healthy relationship with their body. They tried until it worked.

P.S. The owl can always look better. You can always grow.


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